Do you have an idea and need to bring it to life, let us help you. Sit down with our one of a kind team of certified practitioners, design experts, & chemistry genius' to take your concept from imagination and begin the journey of making it a reality. Sit back, we've done this many times.


    Once we've figured out what it is you want to bring to market we'll get started on custom manufacturing the API's needed for your brand, as well as helping with the processes from packaging and label development to additional ingredient recommendations.


    When you're happy and set on your product we'll be your number one partner, taking care of full manufacturing, packaging & labelling, whilst you handle the things you love - like customers & story telling. We'll even link you up with our robust distribution network.


Our Unique Extraction Protocol allows us to make food safe API's for all sorts of drinks, from kombuchas to seltzer, cordials to soft drinks & everything in-between. We partner with leading beverage producers and canners in Cape Town to bring your drink to life.


When it comes to Foods, our stable API's can be added into fats, oils or liquids for easy addition into pretty much every food category, from ready to eat cakes to on the shelf chocolates, honeys, biscuits, spreads and more


We love making liquid medicines as this was our root and lead us down our path 8 years ago. Partner with us to make some of SA's strongest tinctures, glycerites, oral sprays, syrups, combination elixirs and more


The natural world is full of ingredients perfect for cosmetic use, waiting to be discovered. Let us help you find the exact rare bioceuticals that will help your cleanser, moisturiser, serum, or toner stand out from the rest


We have partnered with The Herbalist to help bring tablet manufacturing to SMME's. Our 2 teams are hard at work building out the facilities & sourcing the additional equipment needed to make this a reality. check back soon


    We can help with analysis of proteins, heavy metals & metaloid compounds, macro & micro nutrient arrays as well as highly important Anaerobic microbial, yeasts, moulds & bacterium testing.


    Low & High Resolution Liquid Chromatography Mass Spectrometry, We can also test for Alkaloids, Primary metabolites like Beta-Glucans & Terpenes for Reishi, Lions Mane & Cordyceps