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Brahmi - 60-70g Powder

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Brahmi (Northern) is one of the oldest traditional ayurvedic medicines in India. Historically its use can be traced back more than 3000 years, with references linking it to ancient holy texts like the Charaka Samhita, Atharva-Veda and Susrut-Samhita. 

  1. Improves memory
  2. Aids in cognition
  3. Regulates mood
  4. Nervine stimulant
  5. May aid in the treatment of mental conditions such as ADHD and anxiety

Long Description

In Ayurveda Brahmi is classified as a Medhyarasayana, a drug used to improve memory and intellect thus substantiating its common name which is derived from the word/ name Brahma- who is the creator of the universe, and is also associated with great intellect, being responsible for all creative forces in the world. Because the brain is the centre for creative activity, any compound that improves brain health is given the title Brahmi, which has led to a fair amount of confusion between this herb and Gotu Kola ( both of which are called Brahmi  - however Gotu Kola is commonly known as Southern Brahmi whereas Brahmi is known as Northern Brahmi or Bacopa) 

All the parts of the plant are used in traditional ayurvedic medicine. Brahmi is most known for its use as a powerful nootropic which can help enhance memory, cognition, mood, and other factors associated with mental functioning. Brahmi is also commonly used to treat anxiety, lack of concentration (ADHD), as a diuretic and as an energizer for the nervous system and the heart. 

The taste of Brahmi is both sweet and bitter which is beneficial when needing to pacify pitta, however it also supports vata and kapha. The bitterness can however, increase vata in excess, so when considering the Doshas and the need to balance them this should be considered when there is a vata imbalance. Through supporting and easing sadhaka pitta (The aspect of pitta which rests primarily in the brain and heart), Brahmi aids in maintaining a state of serenity, peace and contentment -  sadhaka pitta is the queen of our emotions and their expression. 

Brahmi's chemical composition predominantly include hersaponin, apigenin, D-mannitol, monnierasides I-III, plantainoside B and most importantly triterpenoid saponins, noted as bacopasides. 

This phenomenal herb can also reduce stress and anxiety by elevating your mood, increasing serotonin production and reducing levels of cortisol in the body. 

Other proven benefits from using Brahmi include reducing both systolic and diastolic blood pressure levels, epileptic seizures, as well as other forms of mental disease, including bipolar disorder and neuralgia. 


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1 -2 tsp

Effective for relaxation transitioning into yin time of day

Lunch, mid-afternoon, evening, 30 mins before bed

*Nervine/ light herb


Powder - Bacopa monnieri