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Liver & Kidney Extract

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In many traditional healing modalities such as Traditional African & Chinese Medicine, the Liver and the Kidneys are seen as the holders of our vitality and energy - in other words if they are healthy it can promote long life. This blend aids in maintaining the health of these filtering organs, prevent degeneration of the tissue cells as well as prevent/ treat cirrhosis of the liver and kidney stones. 

  1. Tonic medicine for the liver
  2. Kidney tonic and stimulant
  3. Diuretic
  4. Protects Liver and Kidney tissue from degeneration
  5. Prevents organ disease

Long Description

Milk Thistle: A famous liver protective tonic, it is used to aid in repairing damage due to conditions like alcoholic liver disease, fatty liver disease, hepatitis and even liver cancer. It also protects the liver against toxins and reduces inflammation. It reduces free radical damage to liver organ tissue and aids in repairing liver tissue. 

Boldo: Historically used as a liver and gastrointestinal tonic – it is high in antioxidants, antiparasitic, and weight loss medicine. It aids in liver detoxification, and bladder infections, it is additionally a diuretic aiding in filtration and detoxification. 

Amla: High in vitamin C, Amla has great immune boosting abilities, and it additionally supports the liver. It increases levels of key proteins which are involved in maintaining a healthy metabolic rate and additionally aids in preventing and treating fatty liver disease. It is additionally a gastrointestinal and cardiovascular tonic medicine. As a kidney tonic it protects and preserves organ tissue and dysfunction.

Gentian:  A bitter tonic, Gentian root is used to treat swelling in the liver, spleen and stomach. It aids in the healthy functioning of the liver and is an anti-inflammatory for the digestive organs. 

Stonebreaker: Also known as ‘gale of the wind’ it is best known in treating and preventing kidney stones. As a diuretic it aids in filtration of any excess acidity in the kidneys. Due to the antioxidant content it improves liver functioning and protects the tissue from free radical damage – it is additionally an anti-inflammatory and has been used to treat Hepatitis B. 



10 drops 1-3 x daily or as needed 

First thing in the morning

Mid-afternoon (Kidney time TCM body clock 5-7pm)

30 mins before bed (Liver time 1-3am)

(We detox a lot overnight)

Let tincture settle for 10-15 mins before drinking a lot of water



 Milk Thistle, Boldo, Amla, Gentian and Stonebreaker

Rain Water & 99% Laboratory Grade Ethanol