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Triphala Powder

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Embrace a Balanced Approach: Triphala, an herbal blend revered in Ayurveda, offers a natural approach to supporting digestion and overall well-being. This powerful trio of fruits boasts a unique synergy that may promote internal cleansing and detoxification. Modern science is investigating the potential explanations behind these traditional uses.

Rooted in Tradition:

Triphala, meaning "three fruits" in Sanskrit, is a cornerstone of Ayurvedic medicine. It combines three myrobalan fruits - Amalaki (Emblica officinalis), Bibhitaki (Terminalia bellirica), and Haritaki (Terminalia chebula) - each with its own purported benefits. Traditionally, Triphala has been used as a gentle laxative, digestive aid, and overall health tonic [Source: Triphala Benefits, Ingredients & Side effects ⋆ Jammi - Advanced Ayurveda].

Exploring the Potential:

  • Digestive Support: Triphala's gentle laxative properties may support regularity and promote a healthy digestive system Source: Triphala (Triphala Guggulu) - [WebMD [invalid URL removed] ].
  • Potential Detoxification Benefits: Triphala may stimulate the body's natural detoxification processes by supporting elimination [Source: Triphala Benefits, Ingredients & Side effects ⋆ Jammi - Advanced Ayurveda].
  • Antioxidant Powerhouse: Triphala is rich in antioxidants, which may help combat free radical damage and support overall health [Source: Triphala: Ayurvedic herbal medicine with broad clinical applications (National Institutes of Health (.gov))].

What's Inside:

Each serving of our Triphala powder provides:

  • 1000mg of Organic Amalaki Fruit (Emblica officinalis)
  • 1000mg of Organic Bibhitaki Fruit (Terminalia bellirica)
  • 1000mg of Organic Haritaki Fruit (Terminalia chebula)
  • 24 Servings per container